SWiJ SideWinder is an exceptionally powerful multipurpose Windows utility program which allows you to easily launch Applications, Websites, Shortcuts, Folders, Document Files, Pictures, Music and Videos with just a click.

It can even be used to store your frequently used Texts such as Email addresses and personal information inside launch Buttons and then paste them to your Web browser or Text Editor with a single click.

The SideWinder also comes with a Quick Access Side Bar which has all the important Windows functions like Show Desktop, Shutdown & Restart, Task Manager, etc. The Side Bar also has special buttons to launch tools such as Calculator, Paint, Notepad, etc.without the need to open the Start Menu.
Launch Applications and Shortcuts.
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SWiJ SideWinder - Ver 2.4.1
The SideWinder silently opens and stays at the left bottom corner of your PC screen and expands to a bar of 10 Category Slots when you bring the mouse over the Nip. When you hover the Mouse over the Categories a sub page of 15 quick launch Buttons opens to serve you immediately. When clicking on each Button, the relevant Application or Website launches rapidly than ever before. The semi-transparent, glassy Blue-Sapphire interface which comes as the default Theme enhances the look and feel of the Windows and urges to have fun with the software more and more.

You can have a total of 100 Categories in 10 pages and up to 150 Buttons per each Category in 10 sub pages with a maximum of 15,000 quick launch Buttons at once. That's all you'll ever need since you can add all your Applications, Documents, and Favorite Websites to this sophisticated launching tool and have a peace of mind by maintaining a clean and tidy Desktop and removing the Quick Launch Icons on your Task Bar.
The latest version of the SideWinder supports Mouse Wheel events which accelerates the navigation through the Category Pages and Sub Pages and allows you to launch all 15,000 Items in the SideWinder truly with a Single Click in a matter of a second. After the Folder Preview feature was introduced the SideWinder now has unlimited capacity to hold files in Albums and all can be accessed with just a Single Click.

Web Search Tool, Website Navigation & Instant Translator, Note Tool, Dictionary & Translator, Currency Converter, My PC Tool are some of the new features included in the SWiJ SideWinder.

Also the latest version accompanies with the Instant Preview feature of all major formats of Pictures, Audio and Video Files which you can Preview without any clicks at all. You can play all three Media formats in separate Players with separate Playlists at once, or Preview them one by one in a Mixed Media Library.

SideWinder is a lightweight and powerful tool which is capable of increasing your productivity a lot by saving huge amount of time spent on searching and clicking icons in normal way, and enhances the speed of Windows by eliminating the necessity to have any icons on your Desktop and removing the Quick Launch Toolbar from Windows. Whether you're an Office Worker, a Student, or a Home User or even a Full-time Gamer, the SideWinder will take you to the next level of Windows Experience. "If you use Windows, you must have SideWinder".

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Launch Websites and URLs.
Open Documents and Preview Pictures, Music and Videos.
Open Folders and Drives.
Paste Text Snippets While Typing and Fill Forms.
Launch Windows Tools such as Notepad, Calculator, etc.
Perform Windows Functions like Shutdown, Hibernate, etc.
Instantly Search Websites such as Google, YouTube, etc.
Instantly Refer Dictionary and Translate Words & Phrases.

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Get One Click Access to All of your Favorite Websites !
Speed up your Computer by Removing all Desktop Icons !
Save your Time by Not Using the Start Menu !
Share Links and Websites with your Family and Friends easily !
Have 15,000 Quick Launch Buttons at your Finger Tips !
Most of all Add a Cool Widget to your Desktop !

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"... Stop wasting time and get yourself the SideWinder now before another minute goes by working painfully through all of the steps necessary to run many of even the simplest of applications."
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